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We believethat the bankingexperience has to be personalised

Our cores values at the heart

For the last couple of centuries, traditional banks haven’t evolved very much, even though we live in a time of a great innovation. It’s time to think outside the box and imagine what the future of banking is going to look like.

We believe it will be mobile. We believe it will be transparent and secure. We believe it will be much more affordable. We believe it will be personalised and user-friendly. We believe it will be technological, yet very simple. And it’s coming into our lives super-fast.


We have focused on making the most intuitive user experience on our banking app, which anticipates people’s goals and guides them by hand, only offering people the relevant tools and content. When talking about banking services we never hide simple things behind special lingo, we use only layman terms which are easily understood by everyone.

Our goal is to give people a clear view of their finances with our powerful and easy-to-use banking app so that they understand how to manage their money more efficiently and profit from it in their everyday life.


We always inform our customers what they are paying for and the risks involved before they pay for any service.

Our products never rely on hidden commissions, payments or rules written in the small print.

Security & stability

We comply with the industry standards like GDPR and PCI DSS as well as strive to set new standards in terms of financial and informational security. We intelligently prevent card fraud before it happens. For the safety of our customer's, funds are stored in a widely trusted bank partner.


We have made a service that resonates with people and their human nature. We are always available via support channels in a warm and friendly manner, should our customers require us. We always listen to our customers and are keen to act upon their feedback which has helped us to develop the best product and banking experience possible.


We aim to make people’s everyday banking experience simple and light-hearted and we have fun doing it.

Meet our leaders

Denis Gulagin

Chief Operation Officer

Andrey Tsvetkov

Chief Technology Officer

Maria Levkina

Chief Marketing Officer

Maria Lavrova

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Taklalsingh

CFO / Managing Director

Thomas Melliar-Smith

Compliance & MLRO
Executive Director

Dmitry Yanchenko

Chief Information Security Officer

Elena Miller

Head of HR

Valentin Spitsyn

Head of Design

Roman Zaytsev

Business Dev. Officer

Vladimir Novikov

Product Manager

Sergey Churikov

Lead Solution Architect

Dmitry Samsyko

Lead Backend Developer

Alexey Ushakov

Lead iOS Developer

Mikhail Ginev

Lead Android Developer
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Amaiz's core team have been working together for many years now and have several successful projects under their belt, but it's an extremely exciting challenge for all of us to start a new modern bank.

Our team is the biggest asset that we have. They all are the best specialists in their fields. Caring and deep respect to one another are core within our company's culture. Together we are trying to create something meaningful that will become much bigger than ourselves.