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Amaiz is a UK-based, internationally supported team of over 50 people, all energised by one goal: to build better banking for sole traders, small businesses, limited companies and start-ups.


Our goal

Entrepreneurs, contractors and sole traders are playing an increasingly important role in the UK economy, with more and more of us choosing to strike out on our own. That’s why Amaiz’s mission is to improve everyday banking for solopreneurs. To reward the go-getters and strivers, who don’t usually find financial products built just for them.

The Amaiz app has been built to release you from time-consuming admin and paperwork by bringing together fast, convenient business banking with smart back office and accounting tools. It moves from app to web to suit you, with a host of features ready to grow as your business does and expert support available around the clock, whether you need help with the app or have a quick question for our accounting team.

Banking that supports your lifestyle means you’re free to chase new business, not just late payments. Your dreams, not your tail.

Our thinking

If you manage a small business, trade solo or side hustle in the evening, the chances are your bank isn’t doing much for you. You see money come and go, but the admin piles up. Our mobile banking service is different. We’ve taken the time to understand the challenges of running a small business by yourself, whether you’re just starting out or have been growing it for a few years.

With Amaiz, your business is at your fingertips 24/7 via an app featuring tools that work hard in the background, gathering and categorising your important data. We keep all the details in one place. You can prepare, send and track invoices on the go and rely on us to make filing a tax return more straightforward when important deadlines hit.

We’re currently developing and fine-tuning new features and services. We’ll be rolling out even more this year, so make sure you’re plugged in to our social media, subscribed to our email updates, and download the app to claim your free trial.

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