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Amaiz blog

09 July 2019

Short and long term income forecast

02 July 2019

Getting a grip on your expenses

19 June 2019

How to open the right bank account for your business

11 June 2019

Discover the inspirational secrets to starting your own business

04 June 2019

Amaiz banking has landed - Get support for what inspires you!

07 May 2019

Stuck? Try asking our expert accountant

02 Apr 2019

Amaiz is changing - Your questions answered.

14 Dec 2018

How to balance your budget over the holiday season

05 Dec 2018

Which is best, online or mobile? And how many bank accounts can I open at once?

28 Nov 2018

Is banking really free? And if so how do banks make money?

21 Nov 2018

Passing around your bank details one of the smarter moves of 2018 - PSD2 explained

09 Nov 2018

Help us fine-tune Amaiz Voice ID

29 Oct 2018

This Halloween - How to ward off the money tricksters and avoid financial nightmares

23 Oct 2018

Be the master of your money