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23 Oct 2018

Be the master of your money

Welcome to Amaiz.

At Amaiz, we’re building a bank that’s completely different - a mobile only banking service that’s always ‘on’, always with you and which cleverly connects with your busy, modern lives.

We’ve taken all the parts of banking you no longer need - the tired waiting areas, the frustrating layers of bureaucracy, the impenetrably complex and hidden (services that don’t really serve you) - and re-thought them from the ground up.

Amaiz app

So we don’t do branches and queues. You’ll perform all everyday banking operations instantly via your mobile app on iOS and Android - and you’ll be able to save, earn and view real time snapshots of your spending across all your accounts - in seconds.

Amaiz has the power to transform the way you bank, the way you budget and how you plan for tomorrow.

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Is Amaiz a regulated organisation?

Amaiz is obtaining an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence from Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom. As soon as it happens, we’ll immediately apply for a full UK banking license.

Stay tuned!

Amaiz will bring more disruptor change to the UK market, as we continue to challenge the accepted norms and practices of traditional banks. We’re ready to do things your way — in new ways, and in better ways.

Together, we’re collectively becoming a happier, more confident, more savvy community.

Thanks for reading,

Tsvetkov, CEO