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Amaiz voice ID

Today we’re pleased to announce the start of our Amaiz Voice ID live pilot. Over the next few weeks we’ll be collecting around 300 samples to test our biometric voice system, so thanks to everyone who‘s already signed up.

For those of you who haven’t downloaded or accessed the app yet, but would like to take part, go to share your voice page for details. You’ll find download instructions for iOS and Android.

It is first come first served though, so be quick.

After access you’ll be asked to make a short recording of your voice and submit it within the app. This is all pretty straightforward and just requires you to follow the prompts on screen.

Your help will allow us to enhance our app as we prepare for launch.

What’s great about Voice ID?

Voice technology is set to enhance our lives in ever more ingenious ways. From controlling the ambient temperature in a living space to choosing music, lighting or locking doors, the future of voice command will join together our environment, lifestyle, work and activities seamlessly and effortlessly. And that includes banking.

Voice biometric ID offers speed and ease, but also serves as an extremely convenient and effective extra layer of security. Because you already take your voice everywhere.

As well as being your gateway to key information within your payment account (so you can carry out a host of banking activities quickly) Amaiz Voice ID is also extremely secure – as individual as your fingerprint. It uses tiny identifiers to mark out over 100 unique characteristics in pitch, vocal tract, speed, nasality, and more - which then builds a profile to ‘read’ your voice and confirm your identity. Rather like facial recognition. Good news when you’re on the go - you won’t need to recall lots of pins and passwords, but your money and personal information will still be safe.

Online banks in particular have turned customers off with convoluted login procedures that often ask for freakishly long customer numbers, or various sets of passwords and PINs just to pay a bill (in different combinations and orders, of course, just to add to the fun). You can see why they’ve done it, but in their rush to beef up security to meet customer concerns, they’ve ended up with yet more passwords, usually of the same numerical type. And that’s before you complicate things further with card readers and secret questions.

Voice ID and fingerprint security does away with such fiddles and makes banking (especially banking on the go) much more harmonious. If you need to change your security code, for example, you’ll be able to do this using biometric voice ID to pass security.

Some champions of voice ID are so taken with its seamless ease and defensive powers they think we’re close to dispensing with contactless cards altogether and will transition to voice payments as a matter of course. And who’s to say they’re wrong.

If you’d like more information on voice ID, have any questions, or fancy sharing your experiences drop us a line on our community thread.

Finally, make sure you’re subscribed to our email list if you want to keep in touch with our milestones, or if you’re interested in helping with future rounds of testing.

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By clicking “Send link” you agree with our Privacy and Cookie Policy and to your personal data being collected and processed by us