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The current account that keeps things flowing

An Amaiz business current account covers all the basics, from keeping business expenses separate from your personal spending, to real-time notifications that appear when money enters or leaves your account. Straightforward, with no unnecessary fuss, available 24/7.

Amaiz business current account
Your ID, your smartphone, minutes of your time

Quick to set up

We know first-hand how complicated the process can be, with endless paperwork, branch visits, three week waits. Something as simple but paramount as setting up business banking shouldn’t need such time and effort.

Our business current account is easy to open. We only need three things:

  • a passport or a UK residence permit
  • a smartphone and
  • a little bit of your time.

Once we verify your details, you'll hear back from us immediately.

UK bank transfers
Faster Payments, faster

Transfers in and out

With Amaiz, your money can be accessed 24/7 via an app protected by multifaceted, two-factor authentication (a trusted device plus your security code or biometrics like fingerprint or face recognition). So whenever an urgent, unexpected payment comes up, you won’t waste time looking for a card reader or trying to remember your 8-character-one-capital-letter-one-number-or-special-character password.

Just open up the app, sign in and make a Faster Payment out.

On top of that, you can share your sort code and account number with anyone in five taps (yes, we actually counted).

Branch-free, cash friendly

Post Office
cash top-ups

Accepting cash payments? Top up your account at your nearest Post Office branch and these funds will be credited to your account within one business day. With more than 11,500 locations available nationwide, you won't have to carry a bulky wallet or keep track of petty cash on top of other admin.

Post Office map
On track and under control

Direct Debits management

Set up Direct Debits to automatically pay for your mobile phone contracts, rent, utilities or any other services you use regularly from your Amaiz account. Under the Direct Debit Guarantee, you can claim a refund if the payment was made in error or fraudulently and cancel any mandate via the Amaiz app.

Save up for scheduled payments

Jar sub account

Keep a separate account for anything. A tax bill, a well earned break, a new laptop or something to fall back on if you’re unable to work.
Your Amaiz jar is the perfect place to stash the cash. Open a Jar account from the app and reach your business goals easily.

Amaiz Jar account
FreeAgent Integration
Save time on the admin

Accounting software integration

Sync your banking with your accounting to save time. Use FreeAgent integration or export a CSV for any other type of accounting software.
Look out for Xero and Sage integrations coming soon.

Not in one basket

Safeguarded account

Any money you have with Amaiz is kept in a safeguarded account, following the Electronic Money Regulations, separate from the company balance sheet. Simply put, we can neither access nor use these funds.

On the roadmap

Jar autofilling settings to save up automatically
Standing orders to make regular outgoing payments
Payments in web app to seamlessly switch between an app and web version
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By clicking “Send link” you agree with our Privacy and Cookie Policy and to your personal data being collected and processed by us