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Join by June to become one of our First Movers and get your first three months’ free. July and August joiners can get two months or one month free.


One low monthly fee you can bank on

A lot of business banks take several hundreds of pounds a year from subscriptions, commissions, transactions and cash withdrawals. Their pricing structure makes it difficult to predict what you’ll pay in any one period - particularly if you start earning the bigger bucks. When income rises, charges can too.

Our pricing is upfront, fair and honest. One flat monthly rate covers everything, including accountancy and back office support, with no hidden fees or extras. No mysterious transaction charges; no unexpected hikes; no penalties for your successes.

What you get

First class banking you can access anywhere

Monthly cost Free to 1-3 month trial period £9.99
Account opening £0
Business card (MasterCard®) £0
Business account (UK) £0
Replacement card if lost/stolen/damaged £0
Bank transfers in & out (Faster Payments) £0
Direct Debits £0
Standing orders Coming soon £0
Push notifications £0
Cash withdrawals (UK) £0
Amaiz customer support £0
Accounting support £0

Everything in one place

Seamlessly integrate banking with your back office and admin tasks

If you don't have enough money in your Amaiz account for us to collect the monthly subscription, we will limit your access so you can only use our basic features. Rather than have you owe us money. Once you return funds to the account we will just take one month's sub and you can carry on as before.

And one more thing...

Limited companies with single directors welcome!

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