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The card to keep on hand

Delivered in a few days after you open your account, the Amaiz card is a more convenient way to pay for everyday purchases and a perfect ally for your Amaiz app. Contactless, stylish, secure.

Amaiz card managment
Peace of mind when things get heated

Freeze and unfreeze

Misplacing a debit card is a nerve-racking ordeal which happens to all of us every now and again. To have one less thing to stress over, freeze your Amaiz card via the app and prevent any unauthorised transactions from taking place if the card is indeed lost. You can unfreeze it if it turns up or issue a replacement if it doesn't.

Card control
PIN reminder
No more sticky notes

Get PIN reminders

As a business owner, you probably have quite a few things to keep in mind and even more to keep on post-it notes around your workplace. The Amaiz card reduces the cognitive load but still ensures no one but you ever sees your PIN code. Whenever you need a hint, get a card PIN reminder via the app in a secure, safe way.

3-D Secure at your service

Spend online safely

Any purchase you make online is protected by 3-D Secure protocol where you are required to enter an SMS code to confirm it is really you. This minor friction minimises the risk of unauthorised transactions should your card data get compromised.

Mastercard SecureCode
Cashmachine map
Over 60,000 to choose from

Money anytime from any cash machine

You can use your Amaiz card to withdraw anywhere from £50 to £500 a day in any cash machine across the UK. We won’t charge any fees on cash withdrawals.

Mastercard® safety and security

In addition, any card purchase you make is protected by Mastercard. In case of physical damage, incomplete delivery or non-delivery of anything you buy with your Amaiz card, you can request a refund from the merchant or file a chargeback claim with us if they don’t respond promptly.

On the roadmap

Set your own limits for withdrawals or card purchases
Get a virtual card and add it to your Google Pay or Apple Pay
Issue additional cards
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By clicking “Send link” you agree with our Privacy and Cookie Policy and to your personal data being collected and processed by us