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Cashflow tools to crunch the numbers

Our cashflow charts help you understand what your current financial picture looks like and how it's gone lately. With your important data organised in one place, it's easier to make plans or change course if needed.

Week by week, pound by pound

Balance graph

Monitoring your account balance dynamics gives you actionable insight into which week or month has been particularly successful and which one hasn't. It provides a high-level overview of how much money you had in your Amaiz (every Mon-Sun, for example) and how it compares to your current balance.

You can't manage what you can't measure

Profit and loss chart

While our balance graph shows how your balance has been fluctuating, the profit and loss chart captures why. It highlights how much you brought in and how much went out each week, side by side. Not only do you see the ratio of your incomings and outgoings, but also what your net profit was.

A slice of the pie

Expense categorisation

We categorise your expenses as they happen based on where the purchase was made and represent them in an interactive pie chart. This means you can estimate where you may be overspending, keep your books in order and be ready for self-assessment nice and early.

On the roadmap

Custom time ranges for account history
Cashflow forecasting
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