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Invoicing that gets you paid

With our in-app invoicing tool you can bill customers straight after a sale, from the palm of your hand. Branded, personalised, ready to share.

In-app invoicing
On brand, on point

Customise the template

Keep your invoice in tune with your brand by applying a custom colour, attaching your logo or add a little zing by including a personalised thank you note, payment terms or whatever else feels right for you. A non-generic professional invoice is always a nice touch that helps your business stand out.

Inovice settings
Create invoice
Served, billed, paid

Create and
send on the go

A small mistake on an invoice can cost you time, your relationship with a client and money. It's never a pleasant surprise to discover you've billed someone inaccurately after they've paid. So we've simplified the task by splitting it into smaller steps:

  • Set the due date
  • Add the client
  • List the items, cost, quantity and tax percentage if applicable

We will calculate the subtotal, taxes and total automatically for you. Then you can email the invoice to your customer or share it via any messenger right from your Amaiz app.

Pick up where you left off

Continue a draft

Smaller steps or not, invoicing for larger orders is a daunting task. What about clients who keep changing their mind or (hopefully) adding more to their orders? Whoever you are dealing with, we'll save the progress you've made so you can continue from a draft when things change. Or, your phone battery dies. Or you get an urgent phone call. Or your internet connection drops.

Continue a draft
Track and mark
Your effort doesn't go unnoticed

Track and mark as paid

As your client base grows, keeping track of whose payment is due, and when, doesn’t get any easier. In the Amaiz app, you can see your yet-to-be-paid and overdue invoices, mark them as 'Paid' or resend them to prompt a customer to pay on time.

On the roadmap

Get a notification whenever an invoice is about to become overdue
Know when your customer has viewed the invoice you sent
Keep preset lists of goods and services
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