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Real-time updates to keep you in the know

Logging in to your banking app to check if a payment has arrived or, worse yet, to make sure no unauthorised payment has occurred is not something we want you to spend your time on. Instead, we'll send you a notification whenever your balance changes. Instant, flexible, reliable.

Instant notifications
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Instant push notifications

Stop any suspicious activity at the earliest chance and get informed whenever you receive an incoming payment. Card purchases, incoming and outgoing bank transfers, Direct Debits or whatever else affects how much money you have in your balance will not go unnoticed with push alerts.

Instant push notifications
Slack notifications
Money in, money out, ding!

Slack notifications

Slack integration will post to a Slack channel whenever you send or receive a payment. On top of being a decent backup for push alerts, it will keep everyone in the team informed about incoming payments without the need to share your Amaiz app with anyone.

Always in budget

Accurate account balance

Some current account providers don't update your balance until the payment is fully settled, which, depending on the type of transaction, can take a couple of days. This is often misleading and does not show you how much exactly you have left. Not with Amaiz: we'll update your account balance once you've made a payment and will keep it accurate at all times.

Amaiz account balance
PDF or CSV statements
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PDF or CSV statements

Tracking your transactions one by one will only get your admin so far. For bulk exports, you can either download your monthly statement in PDF or extract a CSV to be imported into the accounting system of your choice.

On the roadmap

IFTTT integration to trigger actions on other apps when something happens on your Amaiz
Zapier integration to link Amaiz to another app and automate your routine work
Push alert settings allow you to see only what you need to know. Urgently.
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By clicking “Send link” you agree with our Privacy and Cookie Policy and to your personal data being collected and processed by us