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Security on every level

A password is not enough and too much at the same time: it's easily compromised and often forgotten. We’ve included a multifaceted security system to ensure your app, card, account and personal data are protected on every level.

Amaiz Security
Face to face

Video verification

To verify your details when you open an account, we'll ask you to take a short video of yourself to make sure it is you and not someone malicious trying to steal your identity. Consider this a visit to a virtual bank branch without the need to leave your premises or queue up and wait for your turn.

Video verification
The secret to highly secure banking is you

Biometrics to access the app

To sign in to Amaiz, you need a trusted device and either a security code or biometric identification. Biometrics might be your fingerprint on an Android device or Face and Touch ID on Apple. It makes sure your access details won't be compromised if someone's peeking over your shoulder.

To add an extra layer of security for the most sensitive operations, we've included Voice ID, a biometric system which recognises the key features that are unique to each speaker.

You, Amaiz, Mastercard®

Card control

Can't remember if you left your card in another jacket? Freeze it in one tap via the app to prevent unauthorised transactions and unfreeze it when it turns up. On top of that, any card purchase you make is protected by Mastercard, including 3-D Secure for online shopping, refunds in case of partial delivery or non-delivery of goods or services and chargeback claims if the merchant does not respond to your complaints.

Card control
Safeguarded account
No one will ever touch it

Safeguarded account

As an FCA authorised company, we must follow the Electronic Money Regulations and keep your money in a ring-fenced segregated account. This means your funds are never reinvested, lent to someone or moved, and no one but you has access to them.

On the roadmap

Disable or set limits for contactless payments, cash withdrawals, online payments
A secure web app with two-factor authentication
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By clicking “Send link” you agree with our Privacy and Cookie Policy and to your personal data being collected and processed by us